It’s a big world and it’s dangerous to go alone, Monster Hunter: World coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC

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Monster Hunter is taking the leap away from Nintendo and onto Playstation, Xbox, and PC with the newest installment, Monster Hunter: World. Following the traditional Monster Hunter formula, players work together to take on large monsters to earn materials to create better equipment. Monster Hunter: World offers a large world for you to quest and take on new monsters alone or up to three other players.

Monster Hunter: World delivers a seamless gameplay experience allowing players to move freely across map areas that comprise the living ecosystems and dynamically transition from day to night. The landscape and its diverse inhabitants play a critical role in each quest as players strategically use the surrounding environment including terrain, vegetation and wildlife to their advantage in battle or become hindered by the hazards they present. Hunters must use their cunning and abilities to track and maneuver their targets throughout the intense, evolving battles.

With flexible online multiplayer options and an accessible quest structure, players can tackle challenges alone or join up to three other hunters online for cooperative play. For the first time in the Monster Hunter™ series, players from Japan and the west can play together online, providing an expanded base of cooperative hunting companions. With the new online drop-in functionality, solo players can hail for assistance from the worldwide group during quests when their opponents are too daunting to take on single-handedly.

Playstation 4 owners will receive exclusive content for Monster Hunter: World. More details will be available in the future. Monster Hunter: World is expected to launch early 2018.

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