It took a player over eight hours to walk across Just Cause 3’s entire map

Just Cause 3 is a big game. So big, in fact, that it took YouTuber TheyCallMeConor over eight hours to walk across its map of Medici. Check out the video above.

Conor has also walked across all of the Grand Theft Auto maps, a feat that took him under five hours to do, and the entirety of all three 3D Fallout games, which took him a little over three hours.

Just Cause 3 was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 1. You can read Gaming Trend’s review, where we enjoyed the game’s level of destruction, but found issues with its spotty frame rate and lengthy load times. Luckily, a new patch was announced for the game that will “significantly” improve its long load times.

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