Isometric RPG Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates announced

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Coin Operated Games has announced their Fall 2017-slated isometric RPG entitled Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates this morning. Set in the early 1900s, the game is a Neo-Victorian take on the old school RPG system, using a hybrid real time / turn-based action system that should raise an eyebrow for the armchair strategists among us. Players will use a “Planning mode” to determine the actions for each character while combat is paused, and then when “Action mode” is entered, all characters will execute their moves simultaneously. Interesting, but what’s this story all about?

Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates is the story of an alternate New York in which the entire city is flooded by rising oceans and the citizens must learn to live in a new reality where there is water everywhere, but none of it possible to drink. The player must make their way in search of a fresh water supply source, picking up companions along the journey. But the trip won’t be easy, as there are many threats both human and inhuman that players will encounter.

Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates pays homage to historic accounts by adding authentic items such as patent medicines including poisons or tonics made from dangerous ingredients. Many of the games’ objectives and side quests will tie directly into the experiences that someone in the 19th century would have. The game’s authenticity reflects scenes from New York during the 1900s, while tying the storyline to current day themes such as global warming and the rising of the oceans.

The game certainly looks interesting, and I’m sure we’ll see more on it as we march towards the fall 2017 release on Steam. In the mean time…enjoy the video and high rez screens!

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