Irrational Games releases video on the making of Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth

Bioshock Infinite ElizabethThe world of gaming is one where strong female characters are relatively rare. That’s why I take notice when a game tries to move beyond simple stereotypes to create a female character with depth. Bioshock Infinite is hoping to be one of those games with the character of Elizabeth. A video released today shows the process the developers went through to create and humanize Elizabeth’s character. Titled “Creating Elizabeth: The Women That Brought Her To Life”, the video covers the people who worked to develop Elizabeth’s personality and appearance in the game. From the description:

Go behind the scenes to learn about how Irrational Games worked to create Elizabeth, a companion character designed specifically to bring the player closer to the story. Meet the four women who devoted themselves to making Elizabeth more human than your average video game character, and the process involved in making her come to life.

Bioshock Infinite is coming to PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on March 26.  Have a look at the Creating Elizabeth video below:

Creating Elizabeth: The Women That Brought Her To Life


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