Interkosmos is scheduled for reentry on April 25th

Greetings, comrade! Ovid Works invites you to step into the role of cosmonaut in their newest immersive VR experience, Interkosmos. This humorous, narrative driven experience places you at the helm of a 1970’s era space capsule poised for reentry. Inspired by technology of the Cold War era, the capsule is neither automated nor perfect, and gameplay features branching storylines where any number of things can go wrong. How many ways can you find to die?

Interkosmos features “super satisfyingly clicky buttons, professional voice acting, and binaural sound design.” Ovid Works is actively collaborating with European Space Agency sciences, allowing astronauts to use Interkosmos as part of their M.A.R.S. simulations. Learn more about their work with the European Space Agency here, and check out gameplay in the video below. Interkosmos will be available in the Steam store on April 25th for  €4.99.

Interkosmos Gameplay Preview

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