Insomniac Games introduces Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One


I have to admit that my love for two games is driving my interest in Sunset Overdrive, which was just announced for Xbox One. I saw touches of Mirror’s Edge and Left 4 Dead during the E3 trailer that Insomniac introduced during Microsoft’s press conference, and that ain’t a bad thing in my book. The title of the game is certainly appropriate if the trailer is any indication of the final release, as we see who is presumably the game’s protagonist flying through the city almost parkour style and an abundantly bright color pallet defining the look. The visual style reminds me a lot of Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia, actually.

Sunset Overdrive is being described as an open-world shooter featuring a dynamic gameplay experience that will change on a daily basis – the game’s cloud support will facilitate the ability to provide the dynamic content. It doesn’t appear that a release date has been confirmed, but we’ll try to establish during the show whether or not this will be available at launch or during the launch window.


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