Insomniac Addresses Sunset Overdrive Speed and Character Customization

Insomniac’s latest update on Sunset Overdrive shows off how the studio is taking fan feedback into consideration before the game’s release.

In part of Insomniac’s Sunset TV series it was confirmed that Insomniac has added a boost ability while grinding in response to complaints that grinding appeared too slow for some player’s taste.

Elsewhere in the video it was confirmed that players will be able to change anything about their appearance at any time while playing Sunset Overdrive, including skin tone, body type and even gender alongside the game’s already extensive character customization.

The video signed off telling players to expect some more Sunset Overdrive reveals at Gamescom later this week.

Insomniac Addresses Sunset Overdrive Speed and Character Customization

Microsoft recently announced that Sunset Overdrive would be included in a bundle that contains a White Xbox One when the game comes out later this year.

Sunset Overdrive is slated for release exclusively on Xbox One on October 28th. For more on Insomniac’s Xbox exclusive debut, check out our preview from this year’s E3.

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