Inquisition Won’t Become Bioware’s Template For Mass Effect

Bioware has stated that the success of Dragon Age: Inquisition won’t make its design the template for the studio’s upcoming Mass Effect project.

Responding to a fan on NeoGAF, Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn clarified that the next Mass Effect game will pull influence from its own history, rather than from Inquisition.

”…the next Mass Effect will be (and should be) drawing on its own rich and successful past more than what DAI would say it should do. Take the Mako, something we’ve already shown in prototype form. We had that in ME1, and bringing it back is more related to a feeling that we can do it much better than we did before and fulfill the original promise of that gameplay. That has nothing to do with DAI. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that dropping the older consoles has had more impact on the overall gameplay goals of the next Mass Effect game than what DAI successfully accomplished.

We’re very proud of what DAI has achieved, but that does not set a “template” for what every other game we make needs to be. Each game franchise needs to innovate and improve their experience based on what’s best for it, not just what another game had success with because “well that was successful”.

At N7 Day, Bioware revealed concept art for the upcoming Mass Effect, but the game still has yet to be properly shown to the public.

Meanwhile, Dragon Age: Inquisition has been a massive success for the studio, even taking Gaming Trend’s Game of the Year for 2014, as well as awards for best RPG, Companion, and Most Emotional Moment.

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