Infiltration takes first place in Evo’s first Street Fighter V Tournament

Infiltration has emerged from Evo 2016 as the first ever Street Fighter V champion.

South Korea’s Infiltration, the number one ranked Street Fighter player in the world, made quick work of all of his competitors at Evo 2016 until he faced Japanese powerhouse and former Evo champion Fuudo. Fuudo, playing as R. Mika, used repeated combos to control and defeat Infiltration’s Nash, sending him to the loser’s bracket finals to face the up-and-coming Yukadon for a second chance at Fuudo and the championship.

In the loser’s bracket finals Infiltration used his greater experience and skill to narrowly beat out Yukadon and advance to the grand finals. In the grand finals Infiltration took on Fuudo once again. Infiltration quickly showed that he had learned from his early defeat, dishing out three perfect rounds against Fuudo and easily defeating him. When asked about what he changed in order to beat Fuudo in their second meeting, Infiltration laughingly said ” download complete.”

This is Infiltration’s third championship title at Evo, having won Evo’s Street Fighter X Tekken Tournament’s of 2013 and Evo’s Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournament in 2012.

Here are the top eight finishing places.

  1. RZR Infiltration (Nash)
  2. RZR Fuudo (R. Mika)
  3. Yukadon (Nash)
  4. HM Go1 (Chun-Li)
  5. LI Joe (Nash) & MOV (Chun-Li)
  6. HM Eita (Ken) & AW Nemo (Vega)


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