Indie title Lovely Planet uses MS Paint style graphics to woo shooter fans

Upon my first scan of the press release for Lovely Planet’s  debut on Steam, I admit I thought it was a joke. The language in the press release seemed a little too tongue-in-cheek, for instance this feature bullet:

A story so abstract, it’s not told at all – you won’t know what hit you.

And then there’s the look of the game itself, the art seemingly designed by a kid using MS Paint and imported directly into the graphics engine. But no, the game is real, it has a Steam page, and the critical reception is generally positive.

Lovely Planet  is a first-person shooter that favors fast-paced gameplay, equipping players with “boots of speed” from the get-go and giving them an unlimited supply of ammo. The game is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $5.99.

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