Indie puzzle-platformer Rising Dusk hits Kickstarter

Studio Strobie recently released a Kickstarter for its upcoming puzzle-platformer title Rising Dusk. The game’s Kickstarter runs through August 31 with a release date of February 2018 on PC if funded.

Rising Dusk tells the tale of Tamako, who has stumbled upon the Yokai realm and needs to get out. The game is a platformer with puzzle elements; throughout the stage, Tamako can collect coins, which will make blocks of a certain number disappear. However, because blocks will disappear depending on collection, some levels may be rendered unwinnable if the player collects everything, so there’s a balance between traversing the stage and grabbing what you need. In addition, there are hidden collectibles throughout which the player can obtain.

Filled with beautiful pixel art and a fantastic soundtrack, Rising Dusk is aiming for a funding goal of $7,500 AUD by August 31. Check the trailer for the game above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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