Indie game dev competition Ludum Dare needs your help in choosing its contest theme


For those gamers who are big fans of the indie gaming scene, the Ludum Dare competitions are always cause for excitement: this is where quite a lot of ideas get their initial launch. Developers are given a broad theme their game must adhere to, and from that point on they have only 48 hours to design a game based around that theme. And how do they pick that theme? By the Ludum Dare theme slaughter, of course! Visitors click through tons of suggestions, deciding whether the proposed themes are good, bad, or not a theme at all (hence the slaughter.) So if you’d like to help channel the direction of one of indie gaming’s most exciting contests of the year, show up and cast your vote!

Those of you who are curious about some of Ludum Dare’s past creations, be sure to check out the entries from Ludum Dare 25. The theme here was ‘You are the villain’, and resulted in games like Atomic Creep Spawner and Tale of Scale. And for those of you curious about the actual requirements to enter, have a link to the rules page and a wish of good luck from myself!

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