Indie card game Gods of Sparta offers head to head play, frolicking unicorns


If you’ve been looking for a light tactical card game to play when sneaking in some Facebook time during work, you may want to check out Serbian developer Bigosaur’s Gods of Sparta. I’ve worked my way through the campaign and a few head to head matches, and while it’s on the simple side, it could be a fun distraction for anyone who likes short-term strategic gameplay with an ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ difficulty curve. Working with a greco-roman mythological backdrop, Gods of Sparta allows you to build up a card library by playing through the campaign system which also functions as a handy tutorial. After you have all your cards gathered – each of which has an ability unique to itself – you can elect to challenge some real live opponents in the hopes of ranking high on the leaderboard.

It’s a simple game, really. Reminiscent of the card games Squaresoft used to throw into their Final Fantasy games a while ago. In this case, a good part of the strategy takes place before the game itself starts – players take turns choosing from the entire set of cards in the Gods of Sparta library, and then go back and forth choosing to play gods or humans or monsters or artifacts. The last player alive wins the game and the glory. It’s simple, it’s fun – and of course, it’s also on Facebook. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy card game to pick up and play, and relish the prospect of playing against human opponents, give this one a look.


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