If you’re reading this, they already know everything about you – new Watch Dogs trailer, screens

watch dogs featured imagesA new trailer has been released for the hotly anticipated (understatement of the century) upcoming Watch Dogs, detailing a good bit of the game’s premise, and showing off some polished gameplay footage that should have you drooling like a St. Bernard. We’ve got the video right here, along with some sparkling screenshots that showcase the artistry of developer Ubisoft Montreal.

Watch Dogs takes place in Chicago, although the city isn’t much like the one we have here in Real Life. The plot revolves around a supercomputer named “CtOS” (Central Operating System) that controls nearly every aspect of the technology-centric city, storing information on the city’s entire population through their interactions with the network. In the story, the real-life event of the Northeast blackout of 2003 leads to the creation of the supercomputer after (in the story) it was revealed to be the work of one very devious hacker. You play as Aidan Pearce, an elite hacker, and the game employs an open world, stealth-based style of gameplay, where you’ll carry out a wide variety of missions ranging from assassinations to information gathering, and tons of other exciting scenarios in between.

For a game that was born into development back into 2009, Ubisoft Montreal’s creative director Jonathan Morin’s claim that Watch Dogs aims to “go beyond the limits of today’s open world games” seems like it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the team here at Gaming Trend is positively euphoric about getting a chance to play it when it finally hits shelves for all the big systems (including next-gen) in North America on November 19th. Check out the new trailer along with the hi-res screenshots below, and if you aren’t excited already, you ought to be soon.


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