If You Pre-Ordered The Star Wars MMO, You Can Play Today

The Early Game Access program for those who pre-ordered their copy of  Star Wars: The Old Republic has kicked off today, while the rest of you who are still on the fence or simply don’t subscribe to the pre-order ideology can buy the game on December 20th. That is, permitting that the servers aren’t going haywire and you can actually log in.

“The Old Republic blends the best of breed features from the MMO space and adds significant innovations, resulting in an emotionally engaging online experience where you have a clear, meaningful purpose,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, General Manager of EA’s BioWare label and Co-Founder of BioWare. “Our Beta testers have told us we have truly captured the magic of the Star Wars™ universe and changed what they expect from an MMO. The Old Republic team is incredibly excited, honored and humbled to provide early access to our pre-order customers today. This is just the beginning of a grand adventure together!”

Response to the game, at least from a quantitative perspective, has been extremely positive. Players who have participated in the beta tests have formed more than 78,000 guilds (keep in mind, this number from EA most likely includes defunct guilds consisting of a handful of people) while over a million unique players have participated in the beta as a whole.

As MMO standard affair goes, when you buy the game you’ll be granted 30 days of free access to the game, after which you can subscribe (nope, this one ain’t free-to-play) at a rate of about $15 per month. If you have World of Warcraft experience, which I’d wager 99.9% of you do, you get the drift.

I’ll personally be waiting a few weeks for the craziness to die down slightly before I step into the universe of  The Old Republic, which I’m very much looking forward to doing.

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