Iceberg Interactive signs new title Starship Corporation

Game publisher Iceberg Interactive today announced the signing of the recently Steam green-lit title Starship Corporation.  In development at German developer Coronado Games, Starship Corporation is now ramping up for a Steam Early Access launch in autumn 2014.

“I am very happy to announce our partnership with Iceberg Interactive for the marketing and publishing of Starship Corporation”, says David Murent, CEO and founder of Coronado Games.  “I believe their experience, especially with great space strategy titles, will be a huge boost to the final quality of the game. Their marketing and localization expertise will encourage many more players to take part in the game experience, creating even more game content and more fun for everyone!

Starship Corporation is a ship building game that gives you the “builder’s lease” on a 5 deck, 50 room spaceship and control over the inhabitants within.  As the name implies, you’ll be doing more business-y tasks than adventure tasks, as the game is to build yourself up from a single-ship operation to a mega-space conglomerate with ultimate intergalatic power over ship production and trade routes.  A game that combines the allure and mystery of space exploration with the steadfast, dog-eat-dog nature of free-market capitalism is certainly not a unique idea, but the player’s seat in this game is a little unique.  It even seems a little…wicked.  I’ll be interested to see how the game paints a ruthless corporate space CEO a hero.

Starship Corporation is a upcoming title on Steam and is slated for a Autumn 2014 release.  For more information about the game, please visit and keep your eyes on this space for updates.


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