Hyrule Warriors Will Not Have Online Co-Op

Bad news if you were hoping to be able to play Hyrule Warriors with friends online, as it has been confirmed that the Dynasty Warriors styled Legend of Zelda spin-off will not feature online play.

News that Hyrule Warriors would be restricted to local co-op comes from the game’s official Japanese Twitter account.

Hyrule Warriors will allow you and a friend to team up through use of the Wii U’s gamepad and a pro-controller, but if you were hoping to be able to play with friends while you’re both comfortably on your own couch, it looks like you won’t be able to.

Recently, it was confirmed that Sheik, Darunia and Ruto would be joining the Hyrule Warriors roster, and screenshots of the trio in action were released soon after.

Hyrule Warriors is slated for release on September 19th in Europe and September 26th in North America. For more on the spin-off, check out our preview from this year’s E3.

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