Humble Indie Bundle 8 arrives, features lots of walking

HbYou guys know I’m a big fan of the Humble Bundle, so you know I’m glad to announce that this week we’ve got a new installment in their flagship deal: the Humble Indie Bundle!  This, the 8th Indie Bundle, features 3 particular games that escalate this one above the other Indie Bundles (except the glorious Fifth, of course). What games are up on offer?

Little Inferno:  I haven’t played this one, but Victor seemed to think it was okay when I asked him about it.  Made by same pair of guys who made World of Goo–if that doesn’t  intrigue you, then you are difficult to please.

Awesomenauts: Honestly I have nothing to say on this one, except that the name makes it sound, well…awesome?  Also: Humble Bundle exclusive chicken skin.  Yes, you read that properly.

Dear Esther:  This one I have played.  It’s a contemplative meditation on loss.  You won’t do much–simply walk forward on the path laid out before you–but the sights you’ll see will last with you long past the satisfying climax.

Thomas Was Alone: I’m going to semi-vouch for this one.  I haven’t played it, but I’ve heard nothing but praise for it from anybody I’ve talked with.

Capsized: Old school sh’mup?  Yes please!

I know, I know.  Not amazing yet.  But if you break the average payment you’ll find yourself amply rewarded:

Proteus:  Another “walking” game.  The  blocky, pixel art graphics and the bright colors will really help you sink into this world.  I really enjoyed Proteus–especially the awesome sound design.

Hotline Miami: Probably the highlight of this list.  David raves about Hotline Miami. He loves everything about it, from the cheesy 80s soundtrack to the weird masks to the horrific violence.

Oh, and if you get in on this quickly, you can still get yourself a copy of Alan Wake.  Be sure to at least check it out.  it’s nice to see a bigger game go to one of these “name your price” sales.  If Alan Wake succeeds, maybe we’ll see other mid-tier games on sale for our enjoyment.


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