Humble Bundle back for 6th installment


The Humble Bundle is back! The ever-popular promotion returns for its 6th run, and as always, the bundle allows you to pay as much or as little as you chose.  Like prior Bundles, you’re able to divide the money you pay between the developers, a group of charities, and the organizers of the Bundle. The full list of games available:

  • Dustforce (available only if you pay above average)
  • Rochard
  • Shatter
  • Space Pirates and Zombies (S.P.A.Z.)
  • Torchlight
  • Vessel
  • Soundtracks for Dustforce, Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z., and Torchlight.

This  might not be quite the deal that the Humble Bundle V was, but then again, nearly every game in that Bundle was already a classic.  But even if this Bundle doesn’t reach the same lofty heights, it’s such a good deal that it would be a shame to let it go by. I bought my bundle, and I’m looking forward to giving all of these games a shot, especially Torchlight.

Personally, the only game I’ve played among the group is S.P.A.Z., and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it.  It’s a strange mix of space sim, RPG, and Battlestar Galactica.

As usual, all the games in the bundle are available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can download every game separately upon purchase, or receive a code to allow you to download every game through Steam.  All the games included are DRM free.

As always, the Bundle costs whatever you want to pay, so even the hard set can afford to get their hands on this great deal.  Now stop reading, clink the link below,  and go support indie game development and charity at the same time!


The Indie Humble Bundle 6



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