Human Chop lets you slaughter abstract evils in your browser for free


At this point I’m pretty sure the ‘kill the hapless monster in bloody ways’ thing is a full-blown genre in flash games, but Human Chop from by the excellently named Methamphetabear is a nice spin on this time-waster. Slaughter your way through over twenty levels of, frankly, somewhat easy gravity-related puzzle challenges, all of which involve choosing when and where to send some oversized weight crashing down on the freaky little thing. Perhaps it’s supposed to be a human? It’s called Human Chop. But then again you do the chopping, and chances are you’re human. And the levels all have abstract names like ‘hatred’ or ‘intolerance’ or other such things. Either way, give it a shot over at Kongregate, and enjoy the catchy music this one comes with.

As far as puzzlers go, this one’s a bit on the easy side, like I said. If you’ve got a good eye for timing you should be able to slice your way through all of the levels in 15 minutes max. But for a free flash game and a moment of fun with some decent graphics and music you can tap your foot to, it’s a great pick.

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