How much can an indie title make with near zero publicity?


Everyone knows that big-hit indie games like Minecraft can rake in millions and millions of dollars. But there’s a whole lot of other games out there – titles with far fewer resources to speak of and, more importantly, next to zero media hype surrounding them. For aspiring indie devs it’s worth wondering if titles like that could possibly earn enough to justify their creation. Well, Gamasutra has an interesting article about this, with the dev of Survivor Squad openly discussing the sales of his game. Never heard of Survivor Squad? Well, that’s part of the point here!

The article speaks for itself, but let’s go right to the hard numbers: Hugo Cardoso spent around $350 USD on Survivor Squad. So far, he’s made around 350 in direct title sales and revenue of around $2400. The process he went through with getting as far as he has thus far is well documented by Gamasutra and is definitely worth a look for any of you who, like myself, are aspiring indie game devs.

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