Hotshots street date announced

Fireside Games had a bit of a hiccup with their upcoming game Hotshots, as they weren’t able to release it as quickly as they originally thought they’d be able to.  Now they have announced their new release date.

Fireside Games is happy to announce that the production of Hotshots, their new cooperative, press-your-luck firefighting game, is expected to conclude at the end of the month and a revised street date of September 20 has been set.

Production was delayed to ensure high quality flame minis, and the new street date includes a buffer of two weeks based on reports from other publishers about an increase in length of inspections at Customs.

Fireside Games be running demos in booth 106 at Origins Game Fair, which runs June 14–June 18. They will be posting a video close-up of the minis and a How-to-Play video soon. The rules can be downloaded here.

While it’s unfortunate that they’ll miss the Gen Con window, I’m sure we’ll get a better gaming experience in the long run.  Look at becoming a firefighter in September.


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