Horizon Zero Dawn won’t feature traditional multiplayer

It appears that Horizon Zero Dawn won’t have any sort of multiplayer component.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Guerrilla Games’ Jan Bart Van Beek stated that “the core of the game is a single player experience, but there are certain social features in there”. Just what these social features entail is unknown at this point, but it does sound like players won’t be taking down robotic animals alongside their friends.

However, it was revealed that killing these machines isn’t the only option that players will have. Jan went on to say explain that “the other interactions you can have [is] something we’re not going into yet,” promising that Guerrilla would be going into more detail on these other interactions at a later date.

Horizon Zero Dawn was revealed at Sony’s E3 press conference last month, and we were really impressed by the game’s showing.

For more on Guerrilla’s new IP, check out our impressions from the demo we saw behind closed doors.

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