Horizon Zero Dawn is “an incredible licensing opportunity,” according to SCEE

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has high hopes for different merchandising opportunities with Horizon Zero Dawn.

Speaking to, SCEE’s licensing manager, David Evans, said that the game is “an incredible licensing opportunity,” with a good potential to be a big brand in the upcoming year.

“The epic feel of the game, its breathtaking visuals, strong character development, imaginative combat sequences and the marketing weight of the PS4 release all combine to make this a hot property for 2016,” he told the outlet.

According to the article, SCEE is looking to push the Horizon name on to toys, apparel, books, collectibles, and more. The company will be showing Horizon merchandising next week at the Brand Licensing Europe 2015 convention.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a new IP from Guerilla Games, of Killzone fame. It was announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive at this year’s E3 event during the Sony Press Conference. For more information, make sure to check out our preview.

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