Hop back into WWE 2K15 to play Christian’s One More Match story in 2K Showcase

There’s a brand new story to entice you to hop back into WWE 2K15’s WWE Showcase mode. The story is entitled “One More Match” and has you playing as Christian while he goes through his many matches against Randy Orton in 2011. You will also interact with the likes of Edge and Sheamus.

The trailer above shows off a lot of visuals you will see while participating in this mode. It also includes a sneak peak at some of the moments that happened throughout the story such as Randy Orton’s RKO on the announcer table (that did not break) and, of course, Christian’s many (slightly awkward) frog splashes.


The video also features other WWE Superstars such as Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler as they talk about Christian’s importance in the wrestling industry.

You can view the trailer above and the One More Match DLC is available now at the price of $9.99, or as a part of the WWE 2K15 Season Pass.

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