Homeworld Creators Blackbird Interactive announce presale package for HARDWARE

hardwareYou may have guessed it by now, but I really like Homeworld.  So you’d better believe I’m intrigued by the upcoming title from BlackBird Interactive, Hardware.  And I’m not the only one, it seems, as BBI has apparently had enough interest to justify the opening of a founders program–prepaying for beta access and extra goodies.  What’ll you get for your trouble?  Beta access, of course…but wait, there’s more!

  • Unreleased high-res game concept art from Aaron Kambeitz,Rob Cunningham and Cody Kenworthy!
  • The HARDWARE: Shipbreakers Official Soundtrack by Paul Ruskay (when available).
  • FIRST WAVE VIP chat: Moderated web-chat with an “ask me anything” perspective with core team members where non-public information will be discussed.
  • Special Feedback Forum: Your ideas count!
  • Stake Your Claim: Land naming rights to the first 2,000 FIRST WAVE VIP PACKAGES purchased.

You know how I know this game will be awesome?  Because the press release is advertising the manual.  As somebody who spent far too long with his nose buried deep in the manuals of a whole bunch of games back in the day, that strikes me right in the nostalgia.  I doubt I’ll ever have a physical manual to hold and read again, but I’ve always enjoyed the extra look you into a game you can get from a good manual.

If you want a bit more info about the package’s in-game usefulness, you should check out the video below.  Pay attention to the soundtrack.  If that isn’t a track from Paul Ruskay–the man behind the glorious Homeworld soundtrack–I’ll shave my beard.

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