Homefront’s next outing gets trailer, promise of E3 reveals

Homefront,  a series started by the now defunct THQ and KAOS Studios has been updated by its new owner Crytek. Created using Cryengine, Homefront The Revolution is in development and slated for a 2015 release on PS4 and Xbox One.

The trailer itself sets the tone as an occupied America rallies behind revolutionaries fighting to regain their independence. Unlike the first Homefront, we see far more advanced technology being used by the Korean forces, which leads us to believe that the enemy has become entrenched takes place some time after the initial release.

One of the charms of Homefront was the lethal feel of the weapons and the often-overlooked multiplayer combat – we’re hoping they’ve not turned this into a generic shooter.

You can bet we’ll have more information on this game next week during our E3 coverage.

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