Homefront: The Revolution looks to win our Hearts and Minds

Publisher Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios today revealed a bit of the gameplay we can expect from Homefront: The Revolution.  Players will have to work across the dynamic open world, engaging the populous and rallying them to your cause to destroy the KPA.  We get our first look at this oppressive regime and the guerrilla warfare that follows in this latest trailer.

homefront-weapon mod


Homefront: The Revolution tells the story of a Korean-sieged America in the year 2029.  Using our own technologies as a trojan horse, the North Koreans used our best weapons to blind and crush our defenses, leaving us vulnerable to invasion.   The open-world game will feature multiplayer, weapon customization, and the ground war fight showcased in this video above entitled “Ignite.”

I personally enjoyed the fun-but-flawed original, so I’m excited to see what a fresh team can do with it.

Homefront: The Revolution hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 17th, 2016.  Look for our continued coverage as we head towards that date.

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