HITMAN: The Complete First Season available – review says it’s still awesome

HITMAN got a lot of attention in our Game of the Year Podcast.  Nobody expected that the episodic nature would work so well, and we were all equally as surprised with the side content like Elusive Targets between missions.   Well, if you were in the group that refused to go the episodic route, you can now pick up the Complete First Season in disc form.  Better still, it contains all of the Escalation Contracts, Challenges, Opportunities, and Contracts, and other community-driven content, as well as the aforementioned Elusive Targets.

“This is the culmination of quite a journey, everything we’ve learnt, refined and updated over the live season has gone into the disc release,” said Christian Elverdam, Creative Director, Io-Interactive. “Our vision was to create this World of Assassination and refine it with the help of our players, and for anyone who wanted the game on a disc this is a highly polished, globally acclaimed game with over 100 hours of gameplay and more live content to come, so no more waiting needed.”

If you checked out our review of the full season, you’ll see that Eric had a lot of positive things to say about the collective experience:

Stealthy disguises lead into explosive moments of improvisation. Best-laid plans come to fruition through opportunities, and carefully timed, critical moments mean the difference between a master stroke and a quick death. The 2016 Hitman offers the best of its kind, with an episodic structure that clicks, sandbox playgrounds to pick apart and brilliant design and presentation on all levels.

HITMAN: The Complete First Season is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in disc form, and electronic format on PC.

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