Hitman Season Finale release date revealed

Square Enix announced today that Hitman’s sixth and final episode will launch October 31 and is set in Hokkaido, Japan.

The Season One finale, entitled “Situs Inversus,” is set within the grounds of a private hospital and resort, featuring Zen gardens, hot springs, and an organic sushi restaurant. The mission features two targets and will be “the culmination of everything players will have learnt” since the episodic game’s launch in March.

In a statement made to the press, Io-Interactive Studio Head Hannes Seifert said that this new format for Hitman was a “major success.”

It was a brave decision to go fully digital episodic with Hitman, fundamentally changing how we make the game, and for us it has been a major success. I want to say a big thanki you to all the players for making this possible! Together we’ve built and run the biggest and most replayable locations of any Hitman game and added new live content every week since launch.

HITMAN - The Season Finale Teaser

Following its launch back in March, Square Enix has released a new episode, complete with a new mission and fully explorable location, with almost every month. Hitman is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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