Hit a home run with the digital version of Bottom of the 9th for mobile devices and tablets

Today, Handelabra Games announced the release of the digital version of Bottom of the 9th. The Baseball-inspired game is available now from the Google Play and iTunes App Store for $4.99, with Greater Than Games doing publishing duties.

Bottom of the 9th is a strategic 2-player baseball game played with cards and dice, with a catchy name noting the intense closing moments of America’s favorite past time. Players can choose a lineup from a pool of players ranging in strengths and abilities. Opportunities abound to strategize how best to outsmart your opponent, roll the dice, and win the game for your team! Players can compete in a single player version, pass and play with a friend, challenge friends to play online, discover worthy opponents, or organize casual online games in both exhibition and ranked modes.

Handelabra Games CEO Jeremy Handel and his team are “so excited to continue our relationship with Greater Than Games. Bottom of the 9th is the second collaboration for our teams, and our first time tackling a game under the Dice Hate Me Games label. The label’s focus on Americana made this a really fun project. Our number one goal with Bottom of the 9th was to really capture the speed and excitement of those final moments of the game that players love in the tabletop version, and who doesn’t love animated meeples?”

In addition to digital features not seen in the physical version, the game also supports cross platform play between iOS and Android devices. You can learn more about the tablet version on the Handelabra blog. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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