Hey Zach, did you know Deadly Premonition was out on PC?

With All Hallow’s Eve approaching, it’s somewhat fitting that PC gamers will finally get access to one of the strangest, most impenetrable games in recent memory: Deadly Premonition.  Imagine mixing equal parts Twin Peaks, X-Files, and Resident Evil 2, and you’re on the right track.  Deadly Premontion isn’t a “good” game–anybody looking at the Metacritic wouldn’t see anything special– but it has a reputation for being one of the most fascinating experiences around.

The PC version is a port of the “Director’s Cut” re-release.  New features include a much needed graphical update, a new control scheme, and a “surprising new scenario” from director Hidetaka Suehiro.  Those interested can pick up their copy on Steam or GoG for around 25 bucks. You want it, don’t you Zach?

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