Heroes of Ruin Multiplayer Trailer Released

Heroes of Ruin, an action-adventure 3DS title with an emphasis on online play and a dynamic experience, has just released the first multiplayer trailer for the game. The trailer shows a full party of players taking on some ferocious monsters. It also showcases the large amount of loot and equipment in the game; each of the party members looks totally different. Have a look for yourself after the break.

HEROES OF RUIN is an action/adventure which pushes social and online interaction to the forefront of play. Either alone or through four-player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with voice chat, players can explore a dangerous world packed with fearsome creatures and routes that change every time you play. Heroes can trade rare and powerful items through an in-game shop which has an inventory updated through StreetPass. Connect the 3DS console online and fresh daily challenges allow you to earn rewards as you play.

Heroes of Ruin is slated to hit stores on July 17th, and more details can be found at the official website.

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