Heroes Get Immortal in New Ascension Expansion

If you have played Ascension, then you know this deck-builder mixes skill and luck together.  With each expansion, they have added something new to the mix.  First it was the Fate cards, then it was the Event cards.  Now they have a new expansion coming out this summer called Ascension: Immortal Heroes.

The latest expansion, Ascension: Immortal Heroes, will be available Summer 2012 through its website, and select local retailers. The new product developed by Gary Games will retail for $29.99* and is the second set to supplement Gary Games full size expansion, Ascension: Storm of Souls, released in Jan. 2012.

“Our goal in developing Ascension: Immortal Heroes is to continue the Ascension year two story arc and expand on the exciting mechanics from Ascension: Storm of Souls,” said Gary Games founder and CEO, Justin Gary. “We tasked ourselves to take Ascension to an elevated level that not only meets our high standards, but our fans expectations as well.”

I am curious to what new addition we’ll get, but I do have to say that the artwork in Storm of Souls was much better than what was included in the original sets.  While Ascension has its detractors, I have really enjoyed playing it.

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