Here’s your new Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer!

Rocksteady has just released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming final entry in the Arkham series. Titled “Evening the Odds” the trailer gives you a clear glimpse of the many villains that The Dark Knight will cross paths with, as well as footage of the Batmobile in action.

Among the many impressive scenes shown in the trailer was one of the Batmobile being driven upside down in a tunnel celing for what seems to be a Riddler challenge. Classic villains such as Two-Face and the Penguin are quickly shown but it’s the mysterious new character: “Arkham Knight”, who gets the biggest screen time as he takes Batman down and points a gun to our hero. No official date was given for the game, only a “coming soon” tease. Batman: Arkham Knight takes place 12 months after the events of Arkham City and will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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