Hello Neighbor receives a new trailer for Halloween, new build on Friday

Over a year ago, Hello Neighbor was revealed at TwitchCon. This Pixar style-esque stealth horror game caught the attention of many streamers, becoming a popular indie game over the year. Instead of doing a traditional Early Access model, Dynamic Pixels created several builds to prevent ruining story surprises.

It wasn’t really possible to do a traditional Early Access model where you build upon a single build. That’d ruin story surprises, and get boring quickly. Instead, we decided to start sharing in-development Alphas and Betas of Hello Neighbor. These are separate builds with variations of the house, the AI’s behavior, and puzzles. Everyone who pre-purchases the game on Steam gets access to all of these.

This new trailer displays gameplay entirely from the final build of the game. In Hello Neighbor, you have to spy on your neighbor, break into his home, sneak past him, and discover the secrets of what he is hiding in his basement. This game promises to have plenty of puzzles and an in-depth AI that reacts to your behavior. In addition to the new trailer, anyone can download the Alpha 2 build, which is now available on their official website.

Hello Neighbor will be fully released on Steam on December 8th, 2017, but players that want an early look at the action and all of its builds can purchase the early access version of the game on Hello Neighbor’s Steam page. tinyBuild teased at a new build being released this Friday, October 27th, 2017. Back in January, we had a look at the first Alpha of the game. Check it out here.

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