Hellgate Global Unleashes Hell Upon Gamers This April With New Events

While many players may have written off Hellgate a number of years ago, the folks at Redbana and T3Fun have kept the game alive for the past six months or so, including the Tokyo update about six months ago.  They’re also doing monthly updates, with this month’s announcement coming today, which includes Base Defense, a Code Rush and a giant scavenger hunt.

  • Base Defense – Groups of up to five are challenged to complete the base defense mode multiple times. Strategy is every bit as important here as individual strength as waves of demons will attempt to conquer the bases without mercy. Every week, the party that has defended their base the most from the most vicious of Hell’s minions will receive great rewards.
  • Code Rush – Players are advised to keep their eyes peeled and minds sharp as a code with a missing letter or number will be announced randomly in-game. Those who guess the missing alphanumeric character correctly have a chance to win premium items.
  • Daily Hunt – Prepare for the wildest scavenger hunt in the history of humankind. A set of items will be announced each day and players will be tasked to hunt them in locales brimming with the forces of darkness. Hunters who succeed in scouring them will find their own lucky treasures waiting for them.

The game is free, so feel free to head on over to the official site and check it out.

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