Hellgate Finds Success In Global Audience

When Hellgate London launched originally, it was met with poor reviews and dashed expectations. It wasn’t long until the servers were closed and it seemed as though the game was done for good. Enter: Hellgate Global. The game is now free-to-play and is being launched in numerous global markets where it’s being greeted with a much warmer reception.

“This game is only able to exist because of all of its outspoken supporters,” Hanbisoft CEO Kee Young Kim said.  “Hellgate was a fantastic game, but it was only with the support of all of its fans that we were able to bring it back from the dead.  Hellgate Global is a testament to the idea that you should never give up on a truly great game.”

According to Hanbisoft, the Korean publisher who has helped breath new life into the game, since releasing the game in Open Beta the servers have been saturated and there is a high number of people signing up to play. Hopefully this bodes well for the game’s future as it carves it’s own niche in the exceedingly popular free-to-play realm.


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