Hellgate Announces October Specials For Demon Slaying Fun

With the recent expansion of Hellgate to include the Tokyo expansion, T3fun has announced new challenges for the month of October from the basic ‘log in and get extra xp for a time’, free supplies as well as a number of unique events.

Breaking the Curse

This event is only available to players who have access to the Curse of Dawn mode. Players are tasked with killing Imhotep and Anaksunamun. As long as this is done in Nightmare Mode, players are allowed to finish the event in either solo or group play. Palladium, nano shards, and dark stones await the winners of this event!

The Lucky CouponsFarming has never been so rewarding. With the Lucky Coupon event, which will last until the second week of October, players have the chance to drop these coupons when defeating champion monsters. Upon collecting a specific amount of coupons, players may exchange them for luck boxes, giving players the chance to receive rare in-game items!

While the game hasn’t been perfect (DirectX 10 isn’t supported, and it doesn’t like using Windows settings for the mouse), it’s out, it’s free to play, and it’s better than nothing for those of us who paid for a lifetime subscription, right?

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