Hawken getting second closed beta this week

If you had a chance to play the Hawken beta and wanted to climb back into the cockpit of your mech, you’ll have another chance later this week.  Meteor Entertainment just announced that there will be another closed beta, lasting from Thursday November 9 until Tuesday, November 13.  They’re also going to be launching a few new features, according to the press release.

Meteor Entertainment also announces that they will be testing their monetization during this second round of closed beta.  They are introducing monetization with “The Vanguard Initiative”.  Items will be pre-sold in bundles at a discount to players in closed beta.  These items will then be in their mechgarages at open beta.  Bundles will go for $5, $15, $30, and $60.  Players will also be able to purchase Meteor Points to purchase customizations and offensive and defensive upgrades.  These items will not transfer to open beta but all purchased Meteor Points will.

I’ve played a bit of Hawken, and I’ve really enjoyed my time in the game.  If our readers want to get into the beta, I’d recommend they check with Meteor Entertainments social media outlets, where Meteor has promised to give out keys over the next few days.



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