Harmonix: No more DLC for Rock Band after April, 2013.

1000px-rockbandlogoA long, long, time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile.  And I knew if I had my turn, that I could make that TV burn, and maybe have the high score…for a while.  And Harmonix made me shiver with all the great songs they’d deliver.  Played Dragonforce for a bet, and trying broke my drumset.  And man you should have seen  my face, when I banged the drums and grooved the bass, or sang my best to “Enough Space,” but when April comes I’ll quit the race; the day the music dies.

Yes, friends, the long running Rock Band’s incredible run of DLC is coming to a close, according to a post Harmonix made on the Rock Band forum.  I think we can all agree that it’ll be sad to see Rock Band get shelved, as the franchise’s ever-increasing library of available tracks kept the franchise interesting long after the rhythm game bubble had burst.   Harmonix stated that they have other projects in the works, which has caused them to…

…scaled production down as we’ve transitioned resources onto other projects. With several new titles in development and developers needed to usher these new games along, April 2nd will be the last weekly DLC release for Rock Band.

With the April time-table, you might be forgiven for suspecting that the reason they’re ceasing production of new material is to prepare for the release of next-gen consoles, but Harmonix made a point to clarify that there are currently no Rock Band titles in the oven.  Given that bit of sad news, I have to say that I’m personally really looking forwards to the next bit of work to come out of Harmonix.  In the mean time, though, if there are any songs you really want to get a hold of, you might want to check the Rock Band Store, where Harmonix is having a bit of a sale for any last-minute purchases.


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