Harmonix hits Kickstarter goal for Amplitude, announces stretch goal

After over a week of pure stress for the crew over at Harmonix, they did it.

Harmonix will be bringing back their hit PS2 gem, Amplitude, after they were succesfully funded via Kickstarter. The original goal was set at $750,000, one that seemed out of reach a mere few days ago. But then, after countless hours of Harmonix livestreaming  Eric Pope and many others doing insanely silly things, they met their goal a few hours ago. As of this writing, they sit at $793,320.

With this successful funding comes the company’s first stretch goal, set at a lofty $1,125,000. If the Kickstarter hits this number, Harmonix promises to install online head-to-head multiplayer in the forthcoming reboot.

They have 18 hours to hit this goal.

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