Harley Quinn suiting up for Infinite Crisis

DC Universes’ comic series, Infinite Crisis, is getting a free-to-play MOBA later this year, and Harley Quinn has just been announced as a playable champion.

When Harley Quinn’s fascination with The Joker transformed into adoration, she went from being his therapist to being his accomplice. Several years of The Joker’s vicious love drew out her inner madness until she felt she was finally her “true self.” Yet in time, Harley grew tired of The Joker’s abuse and left him to become an almost equally notorious criminal. No matter what, though, Harley’s will always have a soft spot for her “Puddin’.”

Yes, there are people playing this RIGHT NOW, and you’re feeling left out, aren’t you? Listen, if you wanna run around in green tights and pretend you’ve got Light That Burns, go right ahead – or you could try and get into the closed beta here and quit freaking out the neighbors. If you sign up in their Founder program, you’ll get access right away.

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