Competitive gamers, listen up! SteelSeries 9H available for pre-order.


When reviewing games, we try not to forget the importance of sound – it’s the connection between us and the story, the voices, and all the triggered actions within that  sell the experience. Inflection can make or break a cutscene, as can an annoying background loop. But when you start caring about gaming at a professional level, midrange sounds like footfalls and reloads give competitive advantage – and this is the focus of SteelSeries – and they’ve just announced the top-of-the-line 9H is available for pre-order.

Featuring three types of Dolby® Technology, a double enclosure design including a retractable microphone and a swappable cable system for cross-platform usage on mobile, PC, Mac, or tablets. We’ve also got a six minute behind-the-scenes video from SteelSeries discussing the evolution of their product line as they share some of the passion for their products. To pre-order you can hit up the SteelSeries online store.

The story behind the SteelSeries H-Series

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