Haphead is a cool cyberpunk style webseries, now in Kickstarter

The producer of Haphead, currently in its Kickstarter phase, reached out to let me know about his web series which takes place in a future where you can plug into video games and learn – in real life – the same skills you’ve learned in the game. Learning from video games invariably leads to a problem, of course, as people pick up lethal skills as well. Plugging into video games isn’t something everyone has access to – Sony isn’t exactly selling haptic cables (as they’re called in the show) with their PlayStation 6. However, people are finding a way to steal the cables and plugging in to learn stuff they shouldn’t; these people are called Hapheads.

I watched the video embedded above and found myself intrigued by the story and the quality of the production, give it a watch and visit the Kickstarter page to support the project if you’re interested.

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