Halo 4 Champions Bundle coming tomorrow


Hoping to continue ravaging folks in Halo 4? Well get ready to dive back in as Microsoft and 343 Studios are releasing the Champions Bundle tomorrow. The Champions Bundle will include the Steel Skin Pack, Bullseye Pack, and Infinity Armor Pack. All together, that means you’re going to get 2 news maps and some new features. As I’m sure many know, Halo 4 was an absolute hit so it’s going to be interesting to watch users flock back to the addictive multiplayer the game features.

Enhance your War Games experience with 3 all-new content packs for one special price4, plus bonus content for those who purchase the “Halo 4” Champions Bundle. The bonus content gives you an excellent selection of upgrades that simply cannot be passed up, including an armor mod: the Resistor Tactical Package, new weapon skins, new armor skins, and new Spartan stances for your player card. And, with the “Halo 4” Champions Bundle, you get the 3 content packs as well: the Infinity Armor Pack sets your Spartan up with legendary new armor, the Steel Skin Pack brings elaborate steampunk style to your UNSC, Covenant, and Forerunner weapons, and the Bullseye Pack delivers 2 new maps, a sports-themed Spartan armor, and 2 week early-access5 to an insane new competitive gravball game type called “Ricochet”. A description of the armor mod included in the Champions Bundle bonus content is below:

Resistor Tactical Package: The Resistor Package is a specialized armor mod that allows Spartans to maintain their full mobility and dexterity while taking incoming fire.

To celebrate the Champions Bundle release, 343 applied an update to Halo 4 introducing “two new support upgrades for all Spartans looking for that extra combat edge.” You can purchase the Champions Bundle tomorrow for 800 MS Points and, obviously, Halo 4 for $59.99.


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