Halloween game on Google homepage

In the spirit of Halloween, Google has released a brilliant little doodle game on their homepage. In the game, you assist a little cat-wizard as he/she fends off an onslaught of ghosts. Each enemy ghost is marked by a symbol which you must draw using a mouse or your finger to defeat them. The game can be played on PC, Mac or mobile, though we suggest you use mobile as it’s much easier to draw the shapes using your phone’s touchscreen.

The game starts the player off with simple one-symbol ghosts like a straight line down, across, or the occasional V shape. As the player progresses, ghosts become stronger, requiring multiple symbols of increasing complexity. Often these ghosts’ incantation shapes will match up, so make sure to try and cast your spells strategically for combo points! If a ghost gets too close to your magical feline friend, you will lose a health point. Keep an eye out for cat ghosts, which are marked by a heart shape which can be drawn for extra HP.


It gets super tough by the third round as ghosts with five or more symbols creep slowly towards you while one-symboled spirits make speedy attacks in between. So far, I can boast a high score of 23,000 points. Let us know what your high score is by tweeting us @GamingTrend.

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