Guns of Icarus Online video teases cooperative multiplayer modes

The team at Muse Games have a new trailer to show off for their Kickstarter-funded upcoming expansion pack for Guns of Icarus entitled Guns of Icarus Online.   This video shows off some of the cooperative multiplayer modes and PvE content that the team is bringing to this new expansion:

Co-op mode is the precursor to Adventure Mode. It is a paid for expansion to the original game that gives you all the PvE action and some minor progression elements but outside the context of a larger story, objective, and large scale progression that you’ll see in Adventure Mode. Co-op mode will contain all of the elements promised via our successful Kickstarter last year, which we hope to roll into a full blown Adventure Mode experience later on.

Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk / dieselpunk shooter focused heavily around airship combat.  You can read our review of the main product right here.  (though it’s likely they’ve fixed a great many of the bugs we found since then)  Look for more info as we get closer to the launch date – you can pick up the original product on Steam right now.


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