Gunnar unveils new Intercept eyewear. Eyeballs breathe a sigh of relief

It’s a demographic truth – most of our readership works in the IT industry.  It’s also a demographic truth that we all suffer from dry and tired eyes from staring at a monitor all day.   The team at Gunnar Optiks believe they’ve overcome that, and from what I’ve seen it’s true.   Their glasses seem to reduce eye fatigue, and they look stylish.   Well, today they’ve unveiled a new line they are calling the “Intercept Color Collection”.  These are some hipster frames if I’ve ever seen them, but they now come in five colors in addition to the original Onyx models.  Here’s a bit about them:

“GUNNAR makes glasses for anyone who demands the absolute most from their digital experience,” remarked GUNNAR Optiks’ CEO, Joe Croft.  “But a high performance product designed for such a wide range of digital consumers can’t be confined to a limited color palette.  With the introduction of the INTERCEPT Color Collection, we’ve given everyone, from hardcore gamers to creative designers to technophiles of all types, a chance to show off their individuality and style – while protecting and enhancing their vision.”

The new Color Collection adds five vibrant hues to the INTERCEPT suite – Cobalt, Fire, Kryptonite, Ghost and Ink – which join the classic, original Onyx model. As always, these new, colorful styles deliver the same high-quality lens technology and frame construction while providing the competitive edge that GUNNAR users have come to expect. The INTERCEPT’s top-grade polymer frames are fine-tuned to maximize stability and durability, while even weight distribution and a premium soft-touch, non-slip external coating ensure they’re equally as comfortable as they are durable. In addition, their unique, proprietary lens design filters out harsh artificial light and reflective glare for a focused, panoramic view that brings vivid detail to high-resolution digital displays and protects the wearer’s vision from drying out.

Again, seeing is believing, and they do indeed help with eye strain.  Now you can look stylish while wearing them, if the retro look is your thing.   They are available immediately from their official site and from  You can see them (ha! pun…kinda) below.


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