Guild Wars 2 – Hands on Level 30 Dungeon

As the open beta weekend rages on, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll see Level 30 over the course of two days.   Not to worry – I’ve got you covered.   When I visited ArenaNet, we got the chance to play through the first 5-man dungeon in the game – The Ossuary Crypts.   This dungeon featured a set of pretty nasty boss fights, some vicious traps, and plenty of accidental rock tossing. (just watch, you’ll understand)   In the end, it was a hard-fought battle, but very rewarding in terms of loot and personal achievement.   You can read all about the dungeons in the game at the Official Page, but why not see it for yourself!  Enjoy all four parts after the break – you’ll only find this complete dungeon captured here; it is an exclusive.


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